Fire & Impact Resistive Glass

Fire-Resistive Glass (Fire-Resistance-Rated Glass) is made with two or more layers of safety glass with an intumescent interlayer or gel, providing insulating layer (s) to not only block smoke and flames but also provide a barrier to heat. The glass conforms to ASTM E-119, UL / ULC 263 and CAN 4 S-101. (Fire Tests of Building Construction Materials) non-load-bearing-wall test requirements and does not face area limitations due to its heat insulation characteristics.

Fire-Resistive Glass is employed to prevent the spread of fire through conduction, convection or radiation (heat transfer). This helps reduce the risk of burns and also impeded egress that can occur due to the sensation of heat experienced by building occupants.

CAN/ULC-S101 Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials.
UL263 Standard for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.
Source: Vetrotech/Saint-Gobain

Precision Glass Services Inc., Fire-Rated Glass Ceramics offers the ultimate protection for people and property, while providing the aesthetic and multi-functional qualities you expect from architectural glass. Our fire-rated glass is manufactured to provide multi-functional benefits. Our full line of clear fire-rated glazings are rated from 20 to 180 minute.

Fire Rated Glazing, Fire Rated Doors, Fire Rated Curtain Walls, Fire Resistive Butt Glazing for full open unobstructed views, Impact Resistance, Bullet and Hurricane-Resistant Glazing Solutions.

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