Martin Windows

Since 1964, the passionate and professional team at Martin Doors and Windows has remained committed to offering meticulously designed products with top-notch service that puts clients first. Below are just a few of the quality products they offer, visit their website for more:

Contemporary and traditional

An icon window which has stood the test of time. Our continuous improvement process allows it to blend to any style of decor whether it’s contemporary or traditional.

Their sturdy hardware has a folding inset handle and multi-point lock to offer security and solidity. Equipped with superior weatherstripping, they offer maximum air and water tightness.

Lastly, they offer the possibility of a triple glaze insulated glass unit for unequaled energy efficiency and soundproofing.

The well-crafted design

Their 2 1/4 inches thickness exceeds the industry’s standard. We offer a vast choice of models which can be harmonized with both contemporary and traditional styles.

Each entrance door model has an automatic multi-point lock system offering the ultimate in security. Our doors’ uniquely designed sill provides a double drainage system which ensures superior air and water tightness as well as longevity.

In conclusion, our doors’ well-crafted design and finish will add a unique touch to your home.

(Lift & Slide)

Our distinction

A smooth sliding without comparable on the market. They have a unique, European style operating mechanism. This lift and slide system ensures optimal smooth sliding, a tight seal and thermal value.

Our patio doors are available up to 16 feet wide with 2 fixed side panels and 2 operating center panels.

Again, Martin patio doors offer 2 1/4 inches thick wood panels.