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Gentek Siding


Products, profiles, colours, and textures – our SIDING collection has everything you need to give your home a style all its own.


Align Composite Cladding

Align Composite Cladding Features

Deeper grain embossing, ample 7″ plank exposure and bold, crisp shadow lines achieve a remarkably realistic appearance of natural wood. You’ll have to touch it to tell the difference.


Strong yet lightweight construction

Easier to install than fiber cement, wood, or other engineered-wood products. No potential health hazards from silica dust.


Engineered to Last

Performance-engineered to resist high winds, moisture, flame spread/smoke development, termites, and impact damage from dents, dings, or abrasions.


Better overall value

The realistic look of wood, but without the costly upkeep of repainting year after year.

Vinyl Siding

Extra-Heavy Wall Thickness

Heavy-duty .046” thickness provides superior rigidity, ensuring straight, smooth walls.

Full-Roll Nailing Hem

Provides double-strength wall attachment.

Exclusive Advantage Lock System

Securely connects panels, greatly enhancing rigidity and stability.

Hurricane-Velocity Wind Resistance

Withstood windloads up to 407 km/h (253 mph) in independent tests.*

Rich Cedargrain Emboss

Beautiful low-gloss finish achieves natural appeal and excellent durability; requires minimal upkeep.

Superior Lap Height

Full 3/4” lap height creates a deeper dimensional look and enhanced shadow lines for a true wood-like appearance

Performance Wall Thickness

With a rugged .044” panel thickness, Fair Oaks promises enduring protection and beauty for your home. 

Full-Roll Nailing Hem

Provides double-strength wall attachment.

Windload Tested

Fair Oaks withstood windloads up to 305 km/h (190 mph).*

Rich Hardwood Emboss

The low-gloss finish and subtle hardwood texture will stand up strong to harsh weather and keep its luxurious  appearance year after year with very little upkeep!

Extra-Deep 5/8″ Butt Height

Fair Oaks’ generously proportioned 5/8″ butt height will create an attractive appearance, while also fortifying the integrity and strength of the siding.

Anchor-Tite Panel Locking System

An innovative Anchor-Tite™ Panel Locking System firmly secures each panel in place for outstanding structural integrity and wind resistance

Ideal for Today

Board and Batten’s heavy-duty construction and easy-care features require minimal upkeep.  Each panel is solid color throughout, so it won’t chip, flake and blister like painted surfaces. It stands up strong to dings and abrasions, and unlike wood, it won’t rot and warp due to moisture.

Simple Upkeep

Board and Batten will dramatically reduce your exterior maintenance because it never needs to be painted.  Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose to remove most airborne dust and dirt and restore your siding’s like-new beauty.

Investing in Your Home

Board and Batten not only will create an enjoyable, worry-free exterior, but will heighten your home’s curb appeal as well.  And in today’s market, a beautiful, low-maintenance finish can greatly enhance the value of your home.

Exceptional Wall Thickness

Heavy-duty .042” thickness provides rigidity, ensuring straight, smooth walls.

Full-Roll Nailing Hem

Provides double-strength wall attachment.

Windload Tested

Laboratory tested to withstand windloads up to 310 km/h (193 mph)*

Light Roughsawn Emboss

Beautiful low-gloss finish achieves natural appeal and excellent durability; requires minimal upkeep.

Gentek Visualizer

Design inspiration starts here! Create exterior designs with options for siding, trim, roofing, front door paint, exterior window colours and more. This easy-to-use web-based design tool lets you see the finished look before the work begins.

Sequoia Select EnFusion Insulated Siding

Meticulously designed for impeccable quality, Sequoia Select EnFusion delivers superior beauty, protection and energy efficiency for your home.



Insulated Siding Features

Energy Smart Design

Custom contoured expanded polystyrene rigid foam insulation (up to 1-1/4” thick) helps block energy loss year-round.

Greater Impact Resistance

Up to 400% more impact resistance than conventional “hollow back” siding

Superior Perm Rating of 5

Allows insulation to breathe and moisture to escape, not get trapped inside

Full-Roll Nail Hem

Heavy-duty, double-thick wall attachment increases strength and structural integrity

Built Hurricane-Tough!

Laboratory tested to withstand winds up to Category 5 Hurricane rating.

Beautiful Wood-Like Appearance

Natural cedargrain texture and low gloss finish for subtle elegance.

Longer Length, Smoother Finish

The extra-long 16′ 8” and 16’4” panels create fewer overlaps for a superior finished look.

A Thermal Wall of Protection

Sequoia Select EnFusion seals out inclement weather for outstanding energy savings. Your home will be warm and cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer – less energy spending!

Energy Loss Alert!

Wall studs make up roughly 25% of the wall surface of an average home – and as much as 40% of heat loss can occur through wall studs where there is no insulation. Sequoia Select EnFusion wraps the home in an energy-saving shield by insulating continuously over the framing.


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