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It’s your home, make it beautiful

Homes come in every shape, size, and design. So, whether your home is old or new, big or small, Contemporary or Colonial, finding a glass style that compliments what you have is important.



Ideas Come to Life

Our wide range of commercial and residential steel siding products is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. Our value-add service helps architects, designers, and their clients enhance their ideas by integrating refined steel products



From our plant to your home, quality is everything

Our experienced craftsmen customize our natural products to bring your vision to life with exceptional beauty and uncompromised quality.



They reimagine the world around them

We strive to Inspire and believe in the power of Inspiring Architecture. Inspiring Architecture is a powerful transforming energy force that positively impacts the people and the communities that live and engage with the built environment.



 Transforming Spaces

We started with the ambitious goal of providing the building industry with readily available Canadian-made Siding, Soffit, and Interior Wall solutions. We took it one step further: manufacturing our panels with 100% recycled PVC, allowing us to offer architects and developers a LEED compliant product.